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Purified Water Window Cleaning

Purified water window cleaning is the process of cleaning windows using purified water and water feed pole system. Before we go into the details of purified water window cleaning we first need to differentiate between purified water and tap water. Most of the time people use tap water to clean windows as it is cost effective or basically free. But the results are always not up to the mark. Window cleaning is not just about cleaning the visible dust on the glass but it is also about maintaining the beauty of the window. Using tap water to clean the windows is not effective because it contains a lot of impurities or tiny particles that can damage or permanently leave marks at your windows.
Of course, the process of window cleaning involves a lot of scrubbing and due to the presence of impurities in tap water it damages the surface of glass used in the windows. Tap water is full of dissolved substances which cannot be removed. Even though we might feel that tap water, works fine in the washing process but after repeated washing, the windows do have drips. The amount of impurities in water and research suggests that in Chicago tap water purity is not perfect. So, it is probably not that good of an idea to use tap water to wash your windows.

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Use of Pure Deionized or Purified Water

Purified or deionized water lacks minerals of any kind and Four Season Pros prides itself in providing services in purified water window cleaning which our trained professionals handle. Interestingly, one doesn’t need detergents or other chemicals to wash windows from purified water. All you need is a good pair of hands who is an expert in washing and rinsing windows from purified water and your windows will look brand new.

Zero Residue after the Wash:
Four Season Pros knows for a fact that after washing the windows from purified water no residue remains to be seen on the windows. If by chance you have washed your windows through tap water you might have noticed that after the drying of the windows you can see some minute particles on the surface of the glass. If you opt to wash your windows through purified water then the same residue will disappear.

Clean Brush Fibers:
The best part is that the equipment we use to wash windows remains from any sort of dust or particles. This is simply because purified water itself is without impurities so it allows to perform our task the best way possible.

We know what you need

Four Season Pros know exactly what you need. With years of experience in window washing we perfectly know and when your windows need to be washed with purified water. We always suggest customers at least try once window washing with purified water..

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