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    Deck Staining and Painting

    Core Improve aim is to provide professional services to the customers and satisfy them to the maximum level. This is a customer-oriented company who deals in many sorts of solutions regarding your specific problems. As we provide services in Chicago and suburbs, we would like to mention the importance of Deck and its usage among the population. We all know that with the passage of time decks deteriorate and they might lose their appeal. Keeping in view all of our customers’ needs we strive to provide personalized deck staining and painting services.

    Why Decks are Important:

    Chicagoans are very attracted towards outdoor rooms and feel comfortable as the environment is something that really matters to them. People from Chicago like to party, invite guests and moreover enjoy relaxing. For this, decks are quite popular in the city. A Deck normally contains a wooden floor, which looks attractive and reflects natural beauty. With time, a deck loses its natural flair and this is where you need professional deck staining and painting.


    Defects are easy to detect on a deck as after some time the problem of decolorization due to nature and dirt can occur, which would make it look unattractive. If a damaged deck is not repaired the problem might develop into a permanent one.

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    What is Staining and Painting?

    Staining of the wood maintains its beauty and makes it look brand new. It provides protection to the wood and shines your floor. Because of staining the wooden texture is preserved and makes it reliable for a long time. A floor can be given a lot of colors but most preferable is the color of wood. Painting and staining in the right combination gives out a vibrant color that you would definitely adore. The main difference is that painting is used to coat the top of a wood whereas staining penetrates inside a wood.

    How Staining and Painting is done?
    Staining and painting primarily consist of four steps. The first step involves power washing which involves the use of a high-pressure water spray to remove all kinds of dirt, sticky material and any sort of mud. Power washing would allow the desk to be free of dust particles and stripe old paint. The 2nd step involves drying the desk. As after power washing a floor would be wet and in order to make some repairs we need to get it dry. After making repairs of the desk the process of staining begins and ends with painting. The process is not as simple as it sounds and should be done only by professionals.

    Our Services

    Core Improve has a group of professional workers who are well trained and are fully aware of the task that they are assigned to perform. As it is mentioned above staining and painting is an art, so our workers have that art in their hands. Our aim is to facilitate you by providing the absolute best services.

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